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A quick note on roofs…


Because every homeowner we talk with asks the same 1st question with regard to their roof, let us address it right up front–our cleaning/treatment protocols, while highly effective, water-based and biodegradable, will do zero harm to your shingles. As a matter of fact, a cleansing, restorative soft wash roof cleaning is so safe for your roof that soft washing your roof is recommended as the most desirable cleaning solution. 

That’s great news, because you can now eliminate 100% of those nasty, ugly streaks and stains from your roof with very low pressure—dramatically improving your home’s curb appeal—while safely protecting and buffering your shingles against a reoccurrence…with the best, most effective and most endorsed method available today. I think we can call that a “win-win”!

There are several different methods used when cleaning a roof.

We are going to go into a little more detail with the Soft Washing method.

Soft washing is a term given to exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than pressure washing and applying treatments to kill any moss, algae, fungi and lichens which seep into the organic growths and kill from within without needed the brute force of a pressure washer to remove. That’s not to say a pressure washer doesn’t have its place in the exterior cleaning sector and in some cases is needed. 

Firstly, we would carry out a visual roof survey to identify the 
contaminates growing on your home roof and undertake a risk assessment to ensure all health and safety is applied by. 


If moss is needed to be removed we would cover areas around the roof with suitable covering ready for the moss removing process, then start to remove the deposits of moss manually using extendable hand held tools.

Once we are satisfied the bulk of the moss has been removed manually, we would then apply the
soft wash treatment to the tiles using our specialist soft wash equipment, this is when the soft wash gets to work and starts to kill any remaining moss, algae and lichens that are still on the roof.

When we have completed the roof clean, we then clear out the gutters removing all remaining debris that may have fallen when cleaning the roof.

All our experienced staff are trained, qualified and insured to be working at height.
​Not only will soft washing clean and restore your roof without the worry of any damage occurring but it will also protect the roof from any regrowth for many months / years to come.

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