Soft washing is simply the best, most effective, cleaning method available today to target, and kill, all the living bacterial micro-organisms that are infesting your home’s and/or business’s many exterior surfaces. Soft washing makes use of very low pressure, along with 100% organic, biodegradable, water-based cleaning formulations that clean so thoroughly, the treated surfaces become sanitized. Also, unlike a pressure washer that simply moves this bacteria around to re-grow on adjacent surfaces, soft washing kills 100% of the living bacteria that comprise the streaks, stains, blotches and spotting that you see. And the cleaning effects of a cleansing soft washing treatment last up to 6 x longer than those achieved through pressure washing alone.

The simple answer is…because it’s guaranteed! We will warrant a complete roof cleaning for 5 years, and other surfaces for varying amounts of time due to differences in surrounding environment, amount of sunlight received, etc. But we are very willing to come back and do “spot treatments” when necessary to ensure your satisfaction! And soft washing is the only treatment method out there today that safely and effectively kills 100% of these living, breeding bacterial organisms causing the discoloration and damage to your home’s exterior.

Depending on the surface being treated, anywhere from 3 to 5 years or longer. We warrant full roof cleanings for 5 years, other surfaces for varying periods of time. But any/all soft wash treatment results should last up to 6x longer than if just pressure washed alone.

If you can look at your home’s exterior—whether the roof, the walls, the gutters , the driveway or hard scapes in your yard—and see any discoloration, streaking, staining, blotchy dark areas or just even general dullness and graying…then the answer would have to be—YES! There is just no more effective way to eliminate these eyesores and curb-appeal killers than a soft wash treatment. Because here’s the thing…none of us as homeowners wants to spend money on our homes unnecessarily. But we also know that our homes are usually our biggest investment, so we also know that investments need protecting.

Absolutely not! Not only are our treatment formulations 100% organic, water-based and biodegradable, we have been thoroughly trained on “best practices” for safely and effectively applying those formulations within any treatment environment. Additionally, we have products designed specifically for protecting and buffering all of your landscaping against any possible damage. Every one of our treatment options is perfectly safe for plants, people and pets.

Because we don’t have to, and pressure brings with it a whole host of potential problems (see pressure washing, and the damage done). We are very fortunate in that our cleaning formulations, though “green” and “eco-friendly”, are also highly effective at doing what they are intended to do…clean surfaces to the point of sanitizing them, and buffer them afterwards against future infestations. And that all occurs because the formulations do all the work—the minimal pressure we use (about that of your garden hose) is needed only to deliver the formulation to the targeted surface, period. Now, we do use a power washer when required/appropriate, but carefully and selectively.

Very true, we do, and let us make this perfectly clear: we are NOT “anti-pressure washer.” But we do believe very strongly that pressure washing has a limited, specific use, and when put into the wrong hands, can cause devastating and permanent damage to any number of surfaces. We do use pressure washers sparingly, but ONLY after pre-treating the surface with a soft wash formulation that makes the cleaning far easier, and more effective. Also, 100% of the time, the last step in treating, and power washing, something like a driveway is to re-treat it with the chemical formulation a second time, and leave it to “dwell.” Every time the sun comes out, and every time it rains, for years to come, that driveway will continue to be cleaned and buffered against new growth, and that is something a pressure washer alone simply cannot do.

You heard correctly…it is, and it absolutely should be…we will never apologize for that. Let’s look at this, again, from a “value proposition”, or “return on investment”, standpoint. The cleaning effects of soft washing, on average, last up to 6x longer than those achieved by pressure washing alone. But let’s say you only need to pressure wash YEARLY at a cost of £300. That same cleaning using soft washing will probably cost £700, BUT WILL LAST FOR UP TO FIVE YEARS! 

The most common surface we clean is the roof (probably because the bacterial infestation is so visible and aggravating to see there), but there is not a surface on your property—short of your car—that we cannot bring back to like-new condition with a single, cleansing soft wash treatment. And that statement is true for any surface found at your residence, or at your business!

Whether residential or commercial, what commonly happens is that we clean the roof, and suddenly the rest of the home’s or business’s surfaces look pretty shabby and dull in comparison, so we end up cleaning some or all of those, too, The good news is, the more surfaces we clean while on-site, the deeper the overall discount is for the homeowner

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